Become a partner with SATS

SATS affirms the importance and necessity of working in partnership with churches and other educational and social organizations. We believe that, as the body of Christ, working together with other “sister” institutions is part of our commitment to the Kingdom of God and the mission of the church. Through our partnerships, we seek to:

* Enrich our knowledge about and develop our capacities for educating people for service in God’s Kingdom.

* Support our “sister” institutions in their ministerial growth and development.

* Bear witness to the church and society in general that the love of Christ is able to overcome confessional and institutional barriers and draw people together to serve God and the world God loves.

If you would like more information about partnering with SATS, please contact us at, or you can fill out the form below:


    • When I was a student at SATS, my classmates and I started a student-led ministry called “The Timothy Project.” This project was a great tool to train students in the area of leadership and missionary practice. Because of the Timothy Project, I had the opportunity to work as a Chaplain for the Royal Guard in Canada.
      Humberto Lopes
      The Royal Force of Canada
    • My  experience at SATS in Holistic Mission, Pastoral Ministry and Church Planting, has better prepared me  in my service to the Kingdom of God. I’m very thankfull to SATS for their great contribuition in my preparation for this important moment in my ministerial career.
      David Domenicali
      Pastor of the Brasil for Christ Church, Caieiras, SP
    • I had to learn to survive an identity crisis in my ministerial calling. I had professors who taught me how to see theology through a more important aspect: to act out my theology.   I also had the opportunity to receive support on many levels through SATS as a student. In spite of a very serious injury I had, the school continue to support my learning and my phisical rehabilitation.
      Edilaine M. Vidotto Rech
      Professor and Athlete